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  • Social Media Resolutions for 2019

    It’s the new year, and you’re probably setting up quarterly and yearly goals for your business. Your plans might include optimizing your website and starting some new PPC campaigns. As your social media marketing experts in Utah and Vegas, we recommend you also set some goals and resolutions on your social media pages. Social media […]

  • How Can I Use LinkedIn for Business?

    In today’s marketing landscape, social media is one of the best ways to get people talking about your business. Businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build rapport with its followers. Users, especially the younger generations, react well to authenticity and a business that really cares about its customers. But, if you get business from […]

  • How Can Social Media Help My Business?

    Ever since the advent of MySpace in 2003, billions of people consider social media a large part of their daily lives. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn allow users to connect with friends, acquaintances, businesses, and even celebrities. Up until fairly recently, social media wasn’t considered to be a sound platform for digital […]

  • Facebook’s Instant Articles

    Like I had mentioned in my previous post, with the recent update from Google on mobile, and trends showing more and more users are using their smart phones to search and gather information, Facebook is following suit in providing quality content for their users.  Yesterday they announced a new feature for mobile they are calling […]

  • 6 SEO Diseases and Disorders | Infographic

    SEO is a tough business. Google keeps changing their algorithm. The rankings are not an exact science. There is a lot we don’t understand and that we can’t explain. Also the industry is saturated with self proclaimed experts who tout their own methods. It is hard to know what we should be doing to best […]