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Web Design

It's what we do!

Web design and development is a core part of what we offer here at Infogenix. All of our designs are completely unique, built to each client's taste and specifications. Our designers are all located right here in our Utah office and none of our coding or designs are outsourced. We work directly with our clients because we're dedicated to a strict quality standard and leaves them with the exact website they want.

Plan, Design, Code, and Test

Plan, Design, Code, and Test

From a mere idea to a fully functioning website, we build the whole thing, right in one place.
  • We create custom designed websites built to showcase just what makes our clients unique so they can stand out from the competition.
  • None of our code or designs are outsourced. All our designers are located right here in our Utah office.
  • Every site we make is already coded for maximum search engine optimization (SEO), even though we offer additional SEO services.
  • We check and double check our websites for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility before they're launched to make sure they look great on every device.

We have over 20 years of experience providing sleek and effective custom web design for thousands of clients and catering to a vast diversity of needs from the smallest startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

Search Engine Optimization

We understand ranking algorithms like the backs of our hands.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of your website. Comparable to an anthill, SEO takes hard and consistent work from everyone involved to gain the desired end result: visibility and easy access for the potential users of your services. It's a common misconception that results are immediate or easy to achieve but they aren't. Many factors that can come into play when increasing your organic rankings. One of the main factors is the competitiveness of the keyword you are targeting. Since everyone is vying for the same keywords, the words themselves can be extremely competitive and can take time and patience to see desired results. But here at Infogenix we don't give up easily and we work hard to create those results as fast as humanly possible.

Amazing Reporting

Amazing Reporting

The only way to know if a campaign is effective is to be aware of what is and what isn't working for your site. We're a transparent SEO firm and we provide detailed monthly reports for each client.

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Custom Content

Custom Content

Custom content is more important than ever. Recent Google updates have put more weight on quality unique content. Our in-house writers can make your business stand out to both search engines & humans.

More About Custom Content
Site Optimization

Site Optimization

Our on-site optimization includes webmaster tools, URL structuring, link optimization, site navigation, image optimization, and content optimization.

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Link Building

Link Building

Our link building strategy includes social media and networking sites, blogs, trustworthy directories, press releases, and outreach link placements.

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"Working with Infogenix has been easy and efficient. They have completed our projects on time and have great communication throughout our projects. If you are looking for web development help of any kind I would highly recommend working with Infogenix."

Stephen H. Covey


"After interviewing several firms, we contracted Infogenix for a project with a very short development window. They delivered on time, and what started as a relatively small two-month project has turned into a continuous relationship of over three years now. They consistently deliver to our specs and support both our engineering and design needs which are oftentimes complicated. We've been happy to work with a dedicated firm that has dedicated a lot of energy and thought into our growing business."

Alan M.

Campus Book Rentals

"I am a recording artist who has been thrilled with the services of Infogenix. They have been instrumental in the design and implementation of my work. They have always been professional, thorough, attentive and quick to meet any of my needs."

Anne C.

Anne Cochran

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