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Pay-per-click is perfect for businesses who need traffic now. Today, flexible platforms allow businesses, like yours, to acquire instant traffic while spending only what you can afford. This allows growing business to see immediate results from their marketing spend. By managing everything from account set-up/overhaul, keyword research and expansion, ad copy creation, landing page recommendations, bid management, and ongoing testing of keywords and landing pages, we make pay-per-click work for any business.

Personalized Campaign Management

Personalized Campaign Management

78% of consumers begin researching their purchases online.

A one size fits all approach to PPC will not be successful and we realize that. As we set up your PPC campaign, we take the time to do keyword research and understand your market which provides a strong foundation to build a successful strategy on. We make a careful selection of keywords based on your business and what you want to achieve and by selecting an effective group of keywords we are able to narrow down the type of traffic you want. This allows us to get the most use out of your budget. Our personalized campaign management ensures your PPC campaign is closely monitored so you get optimal results.

Our Process

The main goal for pay-per-click is to place ads in front of prospective customers. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes such as, optimizing your bids, crafting the right message/ad, tracking conversions/KPI's and much more. The good news is we will take care of all of this. We will pass everything by you for final approval off course. We are also open to accommodate any requests you have regarding workflow.

We provide monthly reports to ensure that all the numbers are going in the right directions. If not, as this is common, we figure out why and recalibrate the campaign. No campaign starts off perfect or ever reaches perfection. The goal is optimize and improve on every level.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Online marketing is a refining process and, as a result, we review your account regularly and find new ways to enhance it. One way is to run tests on your ads to find out which ones are performing the best and always try to increase the CTR (click-through-rate) of your ads. We also continually look for ways to decrease the chances that people who are not looking for your site have to click on one of your ads by using negative keywords.

Many PPC providers exist, but Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter are the largest network operators since 2007. The two major Pay-Per-Click categories include sponsored match (or keyword) and content match. Sponsored match campaigns display advertisements on search engine results pages, and content match campaigns display advertisements on publisher websites, newsletters, and e-mails.

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