Database Solutions

The infinite supply of numbers, facts, and information from your website doesn't have to overwhelm you.

Keeping track of all of it doesn't have to require serious, savvy managing skills. To help make your life easier, we provide database creation, management, and design that allows information to be called back in other parts of the website so you can have a greater amount of functionality. We offer full MSSQL and MySQL creation and support and ensure that your data is snatched up by the search engines so you can reach your online visibility potential.

Our Process

Through database creation, management and design, Infogenix can give your website a deeper level of functionality by organizing names, products, and any other type of information that would need to be called back in other areas of your website. We also offer full MSSQL and MySQL creation and support, plus we can arrange your data in a way that is search engine friendly to maximize your online visibility. From creation to support, evaluation, and consultation, Infogenix can help.

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