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  • The Next Big Google Search Update?

    Years ago, all you needed for a top-listed website was a great URL and loads of content. If you wanted to create a high-ranking cooking website and you happened to snag the URL, you didn’t have to worry much about pesky things like Internet traffic. Fast forward to 2016, however, and search ranking is […]

  • Google Releases “The Quality Update”

    Earlier this month there was a ripple in the ranking on Google. Many different markets, and niches started to see fluctuations in sites rankings. We even noticed it with a few of our clients, which was strange as there were many that had been seeing increases and were starting to go in different pages and […]

  • Google’s Mobilegeddon Algorithm has gone live!

    Look out world! The apocalypse is upon us! Hide your kids! Hide your wife! And your husbands because Google’s Mobilegeddon is ranking everybody around here!   Ok, ok maybe we are all taking this a little too seriously. I mean, that sounds like a pretty intimidating name right? Well, honestly I think it’s a little […]

  • Beware of the Content Bandwagon – [How to Write Effective Web Content]

    I can’t go anywhere without hearing about how content is king and your content strategy is the future. With the content bandwagon moving at high speeds, it amazes me to see how little useful content is actually being produced. I currently work on sites with high bounce rates and very low time on site metrics. […]