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  • A New Site for a New Year

    It’s nearly 2017, and we live in a world so technologically advanced that people don’t even bat an eye when they hear about technology like self-driving cars and pocket-sized mobile printers. However, even in a society of smart watches and home automation, many businesses are offering customers outdated, unsightly, and poorly-functioning webpages. In an increasingly […]

  • Improving Sales With Great Product Photos

    If you need an online store, Infogenix can hook you up with a professional and slick ecommerce solution, customized for all of your selling needs. But, even beautiful and functional websites will fall short of consumer expectation if the photos fail to do the product justice. Can’t afford to hire a professional photographer? Fortunately, with […]

  • East Coast vs. West Coast: Designers

    This infographic by MightyDeals does a great job comparing and contrasting designers from both US coasts and providing some good examples! It’s also awesome to know that Salt Lake City is one of the top ten US cities for designers and artists! InfogenixMore Posts

  • Comic: Chrome Becomes More Popular than Firefox

    Earlier this month, StatCounter reported that Google Chrome had finally overtaken Mozilla Firefox in use in the worldwide market. Poor Firefox. Some of our developers have also said goodbye to Firefox, converting over to Chrome as their main browser on their home and work computers. As a tribute to the waning rule of Firefox, we […]

  • Browser Wars – May Compatibility Be With You

    A long, long time ago, in a cyberspace galaxy far away… Mosaic was born—the first global web browser.  So it really wasn’t that long ago, only back in 1993, but in Internet terms, it was a millennium. Since then, dozens of web browsers have come into existence, and most have faded into a distant memory. […]