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Like I had mentioned in my previous post, with the recent update from Google on mobile, and trends showing more and more users are using their smart phones to search and gather information, Facebook is following suit in providing quality content for their users.  Yesterday they announced a new feature for mobile they are calling Instant Articles. They included a video in their release which shows its functionality along with interviews from people they have strategically partnered with for the launch. Check it out:



As Instant Articles progresses there will be more and more publishing organizations that will want to get in on this ability to access their user base in a more personal way. It’s going to bring in more advertising revenue to Facebook and the newspapers that are struggling to stay afloat in this digital market. Currently Instant Articles is an invitation only service, but from the trends I’ve seen from similar types of integrated products like Facebook’s Ads, this will start opening up to more news outlets and probably start reaching local news groups as well. You can learn more about it here.

This will be a contributing factor into businesses SEO moving forward. Social Media is a major part of the internet with over 1 Billion (yes with a B) users on Facebook alone. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all are paying attention to how the web is evolving. These new changes all are contributing factors to how your business is going to show up in their search results, and how potential customers are finding you. The big players are all noticing this growing trend in mobile search, have you considered it for your business?

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