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  • Infographic: Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It

    As we move into the holiday season, owners of ecommerce systems might want to make sure that they’re doing everything possible to make their online stores easy to use for the thousands of people browsing and purchasing online for this gift-giving season. Don’t let your shopping carts be abandoned on the verge of a sale! […]

  • Exciting New Features in CSS3

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the look and formatting of website. The earliest drafts for CSS3, the newest version of CSS, were published in June 1999 but even today most browsers only partially support CSS3. Because not all browsers support CSS3 yet, developers still have to do some […]

  • Web Typography

    While the phrase ‘web typography’ is large and fancy-looking, it really just means the use of fonts on Internet websites. Fonts, the size and style of the typeface in which something is written, are already familiar to us because literally everything written has a certain font. But applying fonts to text on the web can […]

  • Image Formats

    Digital images and photographs come in a wide variety of file types and formats – far too many, in fact, to explain all of them in one sitting, and each format has its own unique uses and advantages. While it is great that each particular application can have its own particular image format, on the […]

  • Everyone Needs a Website

    In these increasingly technology-focused world, it seems like everyone and their dog have websites. But does your little, old landlady with a hobby for knitting sweaters for her cats really need a website? Do you? Why Your Business Needs a Website If you own a business or are part of a business, it’s clear that […]