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  • Is Website Appearance Really That Important?

    Ever since the first websites showed up, people have been diligently working on making them look more appealing. Nowadays, many sites are brilliantly designed, attracting visitors and keeping them on the page. However, how big of a role does a site’s look really playing in pleasing visitors? While the common web user will usually tell […]

  • What is Schema, and why you should be using it for SEO.’s Impact on SEO When we embrace change with open arms, one of two things can happen. One, horrible things can happen, in this humble writer’s opinion, Google’s Panda update is a great example that really destroyed a lot of the low hanging SEO fruit and damaged the industry. The second scenario, we are […]

  • Now Celebrating 15 Years!

    15 is one of the most awkward ages in human existence.  It’s a year full of braces, hormones, ill-fitting clothes, and unfortunate phases.  See Exhibit A.     Luckily for us, 15 years in the Salt Lake City web design world is a much more positive experience full of satisfying work and delightful clients.  In […]

  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 – Great News for Small Businesses

    So far Pubcon has been a great experience. Like most cases of information overload the real test is implementation of the things that are most important to your organization or to that of your clients. With topics covering Facebook Marketing, Content Strategy, Conversion, and Local Ranking Factors its no wonder why it is become harder […]