Now Celebrating 15 Years!

15 is one of the most awkward ages in human existence.  It’s a year full of braces, hormones, ill-fitting clothes, and unfortunate phases.  See Exhibit A.


Exhibit A. Thank you Katy Perry, for creating such an evocative image of how we feel our teenage years went.


Luckily for us, 15 years in the Salt Lake City web design world is a much more positive experience full of satisfying work and delightful clients.  In this day and age, having a thriving business in Utah or any other state is an accomplishment.  So it left us with only one possible choice: we had to celebrate!

All of us at Infogenix hauled out to Sizzler for lunch and gathered in a banquet room for food, conversation, and games all centered on our history as a strong presence in the Utah web design scene.  Since our departments are pretty tight knit, it resulted in some banter-filled amusement as we competed against each other.  We also had a grand ole time talking about how we have grown since 1998 and the thousands of clients we have been able to build lovely websites for.  We are genuinely looking forward to continued growth as we keep working for all of you wonderful people.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  To top off a thoroughly enjoyable party, we happily concluded with scrumptious birthday cake.  After all, there is nothing quite like excessive amounts of sugar to commemorate a splendid career of web design in Utah.


The Sizzler Logo: Because having more pictures makes people happy.


We honestly appreciate having such exceptional clients like yourself.  Thank you for letting us serve your web design and marketing needs for 15 really great years!  Cheers.