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  • Understanding Local: New Google Business Guidelines Update

    Earlier this month, Google updated their “My Business” guidelines. Local business owners see these and have a tendency to start to panic. Our advice to you is STOP, take a breath, and continue reading. 2 Most Important Highlights From the Update: Descriptors In Your Business Name Are No Longer Allowed Back in February, Google released […]

  • The Ins and Outs of Revamping a Website

    At some point in time, every website faces the “must be revamped” stage. While this is a great thing for the visitors, it can be a real pain for the people actually doing the enhancements. Taking a website that looks like it was designed by your not-so-tech-savvy grandparents and transforming it into something from this […]

  • Beware of the Content Bandwagon – [How to Write Effective Web Content]

    I can’t go anywhere without hearing about how content is king and your content strategy is the future. With the content bandwagon moving at high speeds, it amazes me to see how little useful content is actually being produced. I currently work on sites with high bounce rates and very low time on site metrics. […]

  • SEO for The Average Joe: Keyword Research

    If you haven’t heard that keyword research is one of the most important steps for an effective SEO foundation, now you have. It is the foundation of all other SEO activities. Finding and targeting good SEO keywords will guide the content on your site, help find relevant links, and target the most relevant group of […]

  • SEO for the Average Joe: Website Structure and Crawlability

    How do search engines pick your website to rank for the right keywords from among millions of other sites around the world? It seems like a perfect example of finding a needle in a haystack, but they’ve created hefty programs called spiders or bots to do just that. Googlebot, Google’s indexing program, continuously crawls the […]