Google Copyright Expired!?

Google Copyright!?

A few days ago one our our clients contacted us and had a pressing question they needed answered right away.  They had been contacted by an SEO firm that touted themselves as a partner with Google, and that this client should quickly work with them as their Google Copyright had recently expired.  This client was frantic wondering what needed to be done, and how we could fix this for them!

We calmed them down and let them know that, guess what, there is no such thing as a Google Copyright! They had nothing to worry about, and the work we were doing on their campaign were the best practices for SEO.  It is all just a ploy and scare tactic by this specific firm to get them sign up with their company and use their services. There are many SEO firms out there that use these types of methods to gain customers, but this was one of the most ridiculous ploys I had ever heard in all the years that I have been in this industry! I totally understand that our client had concerns about it when they talked with this salesman and it was introduced to them.  Many small businesses hear the word Google from any company and their ears perk up! The internet is becoming more and more the main source of leads, clients, and sales to small businesses. So if Google is the subject of any sales pitch they will listen.

But it is important for anyone wanting to learn how to get noticed in a Google search that there are scammers out there who just want your money, and will give you no real ROI at all from what you invested with them.  Scare tactics can be one of their main methods of getting your attention, and if you have a basic understanding of how the internet works then you can differentiate between scammers and real internet marketers that have your businesses goals in the forefront of all that they do.

So is there a Google Copyright?

No, there is no such thing and more than likely it was just something a salesman made up to try and sound official to get you to buy their services

Can my website expire on Google?

No, when your website is live, and you allow google to crawl it, it will. Crawling is just an industry term for when Google reads your website and puts it into their database. They are constantly updating their database and so fresh new content on your site is good and will keep it higher in the rankings.  If your site doesn’t change and you don’t have many visitors it can start to fall lower and lower in the rankings, but won’t disappear or expire.


There may be additional questions that you have about SEO and what exactly it entails.  We would be happy to help answer any questions that you have, and if you would like to learn more contact us and we can help you learn more and see the benefits of SEO for your website.


Jordan Colton

Jordan has worked in SEO for over 5 years on many local, national, and global campaigns. He is also Google Adwords Certified. When he is not working on client's sites he can be found working on various Halloween projects, or watching scary movies.

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