Buying through Pinterest.

The rules of the game have been changed!

Well….maybe not, but at least there has been a release of an additional tool to the belt of small businesses, and online marketers. It’s for everyone trying to get their products into the grabby hands of millions of women all around the internet. And these grabby hands more than likely are covered in glitter, frilly ribbon, have 2nd degree hot glue burns and x-acto knife scars all over.  Think you know the type of women I’m talking about? Yup! Those that go in droves to Pinterest! At the first of this month they launched the ability to let customers not just pin a picture that they like, but also purchase cool things instantly too! They’re calling it Buyable Pins and here is a video to show you how it all works:


Pretty neat eh?  So, in the video you can see that this isn’t just for the crafty women I mentioned up above, but for anyone that enjoys using Pinterest! We all love searching and finding really cool stuff online, we just want the laziest way to buy it and Pinterest has delivered on that wish with buyable pins.

So when can you start using The Buy It Button? Well if you are using Shopify then you’re in luck! The beta test is live for all Shopify users, and you can start testing it with your products right now! Sadly if you aren’t with Shopify, or aren’t a big name like Macy’s then it isn’t available to you just yet.  But you can visit the page they have posted here to sign up to be notified when this will go live to other users! It’s a great new tool for those in the eCommerce arena of the internet, and really could make a huge impact.

It’s also good to know, as any marketer should, who exactly is in the market you are trying to tap and how the demographics break down.  There are millions of users on Pinterest but the majority are women, and have a higher annual household income. How do I know this? Well I’ll let you in on my secret. Here is a great infographic breaking down Pinterest’s users from Mashable:

Infographic on pinterest demographics

As always if you have questions or want to learn more about these kinds of things, and how we at Infogenix can help you understand all aspects of the internet world give us a shout and we’d be happy to help you out!

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