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  • Google Announces Disavow Link Tool: Black Hat SEO’s Rejoice

    If I was better at photo shop I would have given this guy a little black hat. Happiness Yesterday parties were thrown in SEO agencies across the world. Local stores probably ran out of chips, salsa, and alcoholic beverages as a result of Matt Cutts’ little announcement. A link disavow tool! Finally! No more writing […]

  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 – Great News for Small Businesses

    So far Pubcon has been a great experience. Like most cases of information overload the real test is implementation of the things that are most important to your organization or to that of your clients. With topics covering Facebook Marketing, Content Strategy, Conversion, and Local Ranking Factors its no wonder why it is become harder […]

  • Why Your Content Is Not King

    You’ve probably heard that content is king, but that statement needs some qualification: good content that actually gets read is king. It’s not enough just to assemble a bunch of words and throw it on your business blog. The Internet is beyond vast, and your content is just a drop in the ocean unless you […]

  • Troubleshooting a Sudden Crash in Google Rankings

    The realization that your website has dropped out of Google rankings for all your major keywords is gut wrenching. It’s not unlike watching your stock portfolio value plummet — and it could have similar financial consequences. Search engine rankings can free fall without warning or clear explanation. But in many cases, there are things you […]

  • When more traffic doesn’t always mean more business.

    A study of 150 websites in 5 locally relevant industries (dentists, lawyers, restaurants, roofers, and mechanics) across 3 U.S. markets. We analyzed what percentage of them have included certain “trust signals” into their site experience. Trust Signals are aimed to increase credibility among web visitors, many of which are prospective customers. Our findings are below. […]