Everyone Needs a Website

In these increasingly technology-focused world, it seems like everyone and their dog have websites. But does your little, old landlady with a hobby for knitting sweaters for her cats really need a website? Do you?

Why Your Business Needs a Website

If you own a business or are part of a business, it’s clear that businesses need websites. According to Dayton Business Journal, online holiday shopping jumped about 15.4 percent during the 2010 holiday season compared to 2009. Cyber Monday by itself recorded $999.3 million in sales- why would a business not want to get involved in those numbers? Even small, local businesses have opportunities online. With increasing numbers of mobile phones accessing the web every day, local shoppers are more often than not using the web to find places to eat, entertainment venues, and stores to shop at. Below are some more compelling reasons for businesses to own their own website:

  • Deliver information (including contact or location information) about you or your company to the globe.
  • Find yourself new clients/consumers.
  • Give credibility.
  • Become an internationally accessible store.
  • Help with customer service.
  • Help establish a brand.
  • Offer your business flexibility by opening up millions of revenue creating opportunities.
  • Create networking opportunities that are otherwise impossible.

Why You Need a Website

For businesses, it only makes sense to set up a website but do individuals really need a website for themselves? You may not think that you need one but if you really think about it, you might be surprised why you do. Are you looking for a job? A website with contact information and an online resume is extremely helpful tool. Do you have a hobby? Not only can you connect with a world of people interested in the same hobbies, but you can also display your personal experience with your hobby online, be it art, music, baseball, writing, or anything else. Even personal journals are kept and maintained online nowadays for easy access to friends and family across the globe. Even more reasons are listed below:

  • Get yourself a job.
  • Connect with people who share interests.
  • Self promotion.
  • Share your thoughts with family and friends.
  • Create networking opportunities that are otherwise impossible.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a website. Well, perhaps not my three year old daughter. Not yet. But everyone else, get yourself a website!

Do you have a website for yourself or your business? Do you have more suggestions for us? Still not sure why you might need a website for yourself? Disagree? Feel free to comment below, we want to hear from you!