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  • Google Releases “The Quality Update”

    Earlier this month there was a ripple in the ranking on Google. Many different markets, and niches started to see fluctuations in sites rankings. We even noticed it with a few of our clients, which was strange as there were many that had been seeing increases and were starting to go in different pages and [...]

  • Facebook’s Instant Articles

    Like I had mentioned in my previous post, with the recent update from Google on mobile, and trends showing more and more users are using their smart phones to search and gather information, Facebook is following suit in providing quality content for their users.  Yesterday they announced a new feature for mobile they are calling [...]

  • Google’s Mobilegeddon Algorithm has gone live!

    Look out world! The apocalypse is upon us! Hide your kids! Hide your wife! And your husbands because Google’s Mobilegeddon is ranking everybody around here!   Ok, ok maybe we are all taking this a little too seriously. I mean, that sounds like a pretty intimidating name right? Well, honestly I think it’s a little [...]

  • Measuring Your Online Media Campaigns with Metric-Based Analytics

    An Adaptation of our very own Jeremy Albrecht’s recent presentation at UTC Events Digital media is a great way to tell your small businesses story, and if you are doing it right you can build your brand awareness while improving your bottom line. Understanding how to determine the successfulness of your digital media campaign can [...]

  • Understanding Local: New Google Business Guidelines Update

    Earlier this month, Google updated their “My Business” guidelines. Local business owners see these and have a tendency to start to panic. Our advice to you is STOP, take a breath, and continue reading. 2 Most Important Highlights From the Update: Descriptors In Your Business Name Are No Longer Allowed Back in February, Google released [...]