5 SEO Myths, Debunked!

With the ever-changing rules of SEO and best practices on the internet, it can be hard to know what will work for your website. And, on top of the changing rules, there are also SEO myths that just won’t die. The SEO world likes to call them Zombie myths, because we try to kill them with facts, but they always come back. Here are 5 of the most common Zombie myths, and our Utah SEO specialists’ debunking answers.

5 SEO Zombie Myths

  1. Content is All You Need

    While content is very important to have a great site, it’s not the only thing you need for good SEO. You could have the best website in the world, but that won’t matter if you don’t have any way to get to your website. Good SEO is a combination of great content, internal and external links, meta data, and site speed.

  2. Site Speed Isn’t Important

    False! High-speed internet is the norm now, and your site’s visitors don’t want to wait on a slow site–especially on a mobile phone. In the early days of the internet, site speed wasn’t a concern, but today’s best websites are fast, sleek, and easy to use. Make sure you don’t bog down your sites with large images and videos. If you need help speeding up your site, Utah’s best SEO specialists can help!

  3. Links Are Dead

    Nope! Much like the content myth above, links are still vital to your website’s rankings. But, Google and other search engines are much pickier when it comes to what kinds of links you have. In the olden days, the amount of links you had was all you needed. You could have 5,000 links from terrible, spammy, and even porn sites. Now, if you have a bunch of links from bad sites like that, you’ll get dinged. When you are building links and directory listings, you need to make sure that it’s a reputable site, AND that it’s related to your business.

  4. You Don’t Need a Sitemap

    No matter how big or small your website is, it’s always important to have a sitemap. It helps search engines to know exactly how many pages you have, their hierarchy in importance, and even when they were last updated. Make sure you have a current xml sitemap on your website. If you need help creating one, give us a call! We would love to help.

  5. SEO is Just Snake Oil

    There are many shady people on the internet trying to scam others for money, but SEO is real, and absolutely necessary for a successful website. It’s worth noting, however, that not all SEO firms and specialists are created equal. If you’re looking for the best SEO specialist in your area, do some research and find out their practices, their knowledge, and their philosophies. If you have a great SEO specialist working on your website, there’s nothing to stop you!

There are many more Zombie SEO myths out there, but these are the most popular ones that we hear from our past and present clients. If you want to know more about what SEO can do to grow your business, give us a call today!

Ryan Camomile

Established in 1998 and based in Orem, Utah, Infogenix was built from the ground up to be a different kind of web company. Rather than simply creating a website, Infogenix focuses on the whole of Internet presence, including managing, marketing, and advertising.

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How Can I Use LinkedIn for Business?

In today’s marketing landscape, social media is one of the best ways to get people talking about your business. Businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build rapport with its followers. Users, especially the younger generations, react well to authenticity and a business that really cares about its customers. But, if you get business from other businesses, how can you use social media to grow?

LinkedIn can help you build your business.

LinkedIn is your answer!

Using LinkedIn for Business

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is specifically for professionals and businesses to connect with each other. Many people just starting in their careers found connections and jobs through LinkedIn. So, how would you use LinkedIn to grow your business? Infogenix, your Utah social media marketing consultant, has 3 tips to get started.

  1. Define Your Audience and Goals

    You’d think this would be obvious, but so many people jump headfirst into a social media campaign without specifying what they want to accomplish, and end up wasting a lot of money and time with little success. So, before you start your campaign, define what it is that you are trying to market, your target audience, and realistic goals you can accomplish with your campaign.

  2. Build and Optimize Your Company’s Page

    Make sure your company page, as well as employees’ pages, are properly optimized for search–your targeted keywords need to be placed well in your content, and your company’s page needs to have lots of photos and information about what you do, as well as content that draws the user in. You want to seem real, authentic, and approachable.

  3. Create Targeted Ad Campaigns

    Ad campaigns are the bread and butter of any social media. Ads are a great way to reach potential followers and customers that you haven’t connected with yet. And, with a defined audience, you can target a specific type of business, interest, and even demographic to see your ads. Combine that with rich media like images and video to grab their attention, your ad campaign will help you get the word out on your business.

Let Us Help!

While it can be very rewarding, working with Social Media can be a very tedious and stressful process if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it correctly. That’s where we come in. We specialize in social media marketing for businesses in Utah and beyond, and we would love to help you grow your business. Give us a call today to learn how our social media and SEO packages can help.

Ryan Camomile

Established in 1998 and based in Orem, Utah, Infogenix was built from the ground up to be a different kind of web company. Rather than simply creating a website, Infogenix focuses on the whole of Internet presence, including managing, marketing, and advertising.

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How Can Social Media Help My Business?

Ever since the advent of MySpace in 2003, billions of people consider social media a large part of their daily lives. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn allow users to connect with friends, acquaintances, businesses, and even celebrities. Up until fairly recently, social media wasn’t considered to be a sound platform for digital marketing–after all, how does posting and interacting with users as an entity help your business?

Social media marketing can help grow your business.

Turns out, social media is now one of the biggest and best ways to grow your business on the Internet. Using targeted paid ads, a comprehensive social media campaign can boost your social media presence, showcase your authenticity, and even drive conversions and traffic to your website.

How? Let us show you!

How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

  1. It Gets People Talking

    If you’re just starting out as a business, or you are launching a new product or service, social media is the perfect way to let people know. You can connect with your current customers and their friends on social media, potentially doubling and tripling your reach.

  2. Social Media is Super Popular

    We aren’t kidding, here. Everybody and their dog uses at least one social media platform. How often do you check Facebook or Instagram on your phone during the day? We think it’s a pretty good guess that you do it a couple times. When you’re scrolling through your feed, your chances of seeing a targeted ad for a business are extremely high.

  3. It’s Cost Effective

    Compared to PPC, ads on Facebook and Instagram are much less expensive per click, so you can maximize your budget on a larger audience or more ads.

  4. It Can Help Email Marketing

    If you already use email newsletters to keep an active audience, great! You’re already one step ahead. Using this newsletter in Facebook ads can broaden your reach and potentially add more people to your email list–that can lead to more business for you!

  5. It Makes Customer Service Personal

    We mean that in a good way! Using social media, you can interact directly with your customers–they can leave reviews, send direct messages, and write on your page about their experience. You can also reply to comments and messages, which makes your customer base feel heard.

Want to Learn More?

There are many more reasons that Social Media is the future of digital marketing, and we are happy to offer a comprehensive social media campaign to help grow your business. To learn more about our social media marketing for business, give us a call today!

Ryan Camomile

Established in 1998 and based in Orem, Utah, Infogenix was built from the ground up to be a different kind of web company. Rather than simply creating a website, Infogenix focuses on the whole of Internet presence, including managing, marketing, and advertising.

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How User Experience Influences SEO

Creating a great website is one thing, but generating the traffic you need to drive sales is another challenge altogether. Unfortunately, millions of business owners across the world struggle with search engine optimization, even after they have focused on generating unique content and filling their blogs with the perfect keywords. However, one aspect that many budding web designers struggle with is user experience.

What Is User Experience?

Put simply, user experience is how visitors interact with your site, and what they think of your page after they are done. While an easy-to-use website prompts visitors to navigate deeper into other pages of the website exposing them to more content, a confusing page might prompt them to jump ship sooner—which can hurt that specific pages visibility significantly. In fact, research has shown that visitor behavior affects organic rankings, with over 70% of users abandoning pages if the content is confusing and unoptimized. Fortunately, you can improve your website’s search engine optimization by focusing on user experience.

5 Easy Ways to Improve User Experience

Make Content Easy To Scan

Web readers like content that gets right to the point, which is why you should avoid packing your pages full of single-spaced text. Instead, use white space and formatting marks like bullets, headers, and italicized text. Focus on quality over quantity, and don’t be afraid to link to your sources.

Avoid Background Music

Just because you can make your favorite song autoplay whenever a new user visits your website doesn’t mean you should. In addition to potentially annoying anyone who visits your website, background music can slow down your page and make it hard for people to visit your website in public settings like their office.

Focus On Page Speed

Research has shown that 87% of users tend to abandon webpages that load slower than two seconds, which is why you should do everything you can to ensure fast page load speeds and that your website is mobile responsive. Avoid adding things like images that are bigger than they need to be, interactive tools that don’t need to be there, and bulky, inefficient code.

Use Great Pictures

Great pictures do more than make your website more interesting. With the right images, you can create the exact look and feel that you are going for, which can put people in the right frame of mind to spend some time on your website, blog, or online store.

Hire Professionals

If you aren’t sure where to start with improving your user experience, consider hiring a team of professionals to handle the job, such as the experts at Infogenix. In addition to helping with everything from web design to content updates, these professionals understand the intricacies of search engine optimization and can help your website to stand out from the crowd.

Ryan Camomile

Established in 1998 and based in Orem, Utah, Infogenix was built from the ground up to be a different kind of web company. Rather than simply creating a website, Infogenix focuses on the whole of Internet presence, including managing, marketing, and advertising.

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A New Site for a New Year

It’s nearly 2017, and we live in a world so technologically advanced that people don’t even bat an eye when they hear about technology like self-driving cars and pocket-sized mobile printers. However, even in a society of smart watches and home automation, many businesses are offering customers outdated, unsightly, and poorly-functioning webpages. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your lackluster website may be the tipping point that drives consumers elsewhere.

This new year, in addition to your own list of goals, make a few for your business, including revamping your website. Responsive, attractive, and optimized websites can make a great first impression with web visitors, improve your conversion rates, and ultimately drive your sales.

Signs Your Website Needs A New Year’s Makeover

Wondering whether or not your website needs an update? Read through these signs that your site needs to be overhauled, and how working with the right web design company can help.

Pages Load Slowly

One of the hallmarks of an unprofessional website is pages that take forever to load. Loading problems are caused by a long list of offenders, ranging from music that plays automatically to the wrong image format to bulky, unnecessary code. Unfortunately, even a few seconds of lag could be enough to send potential customers running. Research has shown that 53% of web users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, which is why every business owner should spend the time to evaluate the load speed of their site.

If your website loads slowly, consider having your entire website rebuilt by a professional web design company like Infogenix. In addition to preserving and optimizing the content that you have produced over the years, the web experts here at Infogenix can help you to streamline your website, improve the flow of your pages, and update the look of your site.

Traffic Is Low

Web traffic isn’t always easy to come by, with the top Google listing nabbing nearly 33% of your potential customers. The further down your search ranking, the less likely clients are to find your website and research your company, which is why SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is so important.

Search engines like Google use a complex set of algorithms to determine which websites are relevant to any given search. Among other things, these web crawlers look for keyword usage, meta tags, headlines, and updated content. SEO services like Infogenix can carefully evaluate your website, updating your content, settings, and headlines to more closely align with what search engines are looking for—improving your search ranking and encouraging traffic.

Your Conversion Rates Are Terrible

When it comes to your website, what are your goals? Are you trying to encourage people to buy from your online store or do you want people to follow your blog? Your success or failure at being able to guide people towards your goals is known as your website’s conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the more likely your web visitors are to use your website like you want them to.

Unfortunately, poor conversion rates often mean that your website is non-functional, confusing, or filled with pages that fail to load properly. The national average for conversion rates across all industries is 2.35%, with the top 25% of businesses averaging about 5.31%. If your conversion rates are lower than the national average, or you simply want to strengthen your site’s performance, consider having a professional evaluate your website to check for problems.

Don’t let your website fall short of phenomenal. Enlist the help of our team at Infogenix. With over seventeen years of experience and a deep understanding of design, SEO, and conversion strategies, our innovative Utah web design company can make your business shine online.