Flash Has Another Nail In The Coffin

Oh….uh…hi…Adobe Flash. How are you? Um….yeah it’s me Jordan…hahaha….um…funny you ran into me here on the internet.  So….what you been up to lately? Oh, what’s that? You were wondering where I’ve been the past 10 years? Oh um well….after high school and Homestarrunner.com stopped updating itself, and better video platforms have been coming out I sort of blocked you. Now now dont….Ah don’t start crying! I’m sorry! Look I’m sure someone else will start watching videos through you…maybe…

Sorry Flash


Phew ok, so getting through the awkwardness of coming clean with Flash, it can be comforting to know that I may not be the only one that is breaking up with this software that has been on the web for a very long time. There are still a lot of websites that use Flash to have cool looking graphics, or slideshows, etc and are very visually stunning for users to look at, but 9 times out of 10 Google and other search engines can’t read anything that is within Flash.

There are sites out there that have still even with this fact (which makes me scratch my head) haven’t switched to HTML 5 which has the same functionality and more than what Flash could provide you on your website.

Google, Bing, Amazon, and Netflix have all wanted to see Flash die and are banding together to make that happen.  So like I told Ms Flash up above, I am not the only one breaking up with her, there are some big heavy hitters that want to get rid of Flash for good.  There is going to be a push for creating an alliance for Open Media with high quality digital media players that can be used all across the web and are open source meaning that anyone can use them and there is no need to pay royalties.  It is all about an open web!

This new media player will work smoothly with HTML5 which can be read by the search engines, so they know what your site is about and how it can help people searching for you. Which is great! We are all about wanting to be found online and having a source to answer our questions or solve a problem. We are all turning to the web more and more. Access is increasing as well all over the world. You can be above your competition by having the more up to date and modern website which is what Google wants and they will reward you for your efforts.

If you’ve looking to take the steps I did in breaking up with Flash, wish to improve your website, or are wanting to give your online presence a fresh new look then please give us a call!

Jordan Colton

Jordan has worked in SEO for over 5 years on many local, national, and global campaigns. He is also Google Adwords Certified. When he is not working on client's sites he can be found working on various Halloween projects, or watching scary movies.

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